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for the Future of Crypto

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Why Urkel

Urkel makes blockchain platforms accessible for all potential users and enables developers to build high-quality applications quickly, without the stress of cumbersome infrastructure and maintenance.


Our infrastructure allows us to offer high-reliability and zero down time access to various blockchain platforms.


You only pay for what you use. Our servers and nodes can scale for your needs.


Get started with as little as one line of code.

Our Vision

At Urkel, we believe that blockchain platforms will power the future. We also understand that building a fully decentralized, yet user friendly platform is extremely difficult. Most developers don't have the time or resources to deploy their own nodes while also building out their own application.

We plan to change this. By utilizing Urkel APIs, developers can spend more time building out their business application without having to worry about maintaining their own infrastructure. We see this as a critical innovation that will allow blockchain technology to become more user friendly, and reach a general audience faster.