What does Urkel do?

Urkel provides a full suite of APIs that enable developers to analyze and interact with full blockchain nodes in as little as one line of code.

For a more indepth exploration of Urkel, see our post Urkel Explained

What kind of APIs does Urkel provide?

At Urkel, we want to support the needs of both the hardcore developer who understands the blockchain native API calls, while also enabling developers new to the space to dabble without a large learning curve.

We provide access to each platform's JSON RPC interface while also wrapping certain functionality in various "Layers" to increase the ease of use. Currently we have 3 layers; Chain Analytics, Chain Interaction, and Chain Custody.

What is the Chain Analytics Layer?

The Chain Analytics Layer allows users to read data from the blockchain, making it easier for developers to confirm transactions, check address balances, and analyze coin movements on the chain.

What is the Interaction Layer?

The Interaction Layer allows users to implement the unique functions specific to each blockchain. In the case of Handshake, this will allow users to bid and renew domains as well as send and receive HNS.

What is the Custody Layer?

The Custody Layer allows users to securely store cryptocurrency and crypto assets without having to worry about securing their private keys. Developers can focus on building applications worry free of handling large transactions and potential threats.

What platforms does Urkel support?

Currently we are still building out our full integration of the Handshake blockchain. We will begin integrating new platforms as soon as we complete our Handshake work.

Why start with Handshake?

Handshake is one of the most unique, innovative and groundbreaking blockchain applications to date and offers a solution for a problem where a decentralized approach truly makes most sense. We believe Handshake will bring a new, freer internet and change the world as we know it today. Therefore, we could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of this. Everything that we think makes Handshake amazing couldn't fit inside of this answer, so we wrote a Medium post to help others understand why we love Handshake.

Will Urkel provide APIs for other blockchain projects other than Handshake?

Yes! We are currently working hard to support several new blockchain projects and there are many more to come. Urkel is always searching for new projects to integrate, and we love hearing from our users what they think that is.

How is Urkel different from Infura?

Urkel differs from Infura in a few ways. While Infura and Urkel both provide easy access to JSON RPC node interfaces, Infura is only focused on Ethereum. At Urkel, we are looking to provide access to as many crypto platforms as we can integrate. Additionaly, we recognize that many developers and businesses don't want to learn, or can't afford to learn cryptos JSON RPC intricacies. Therefore, we wrap the JSON RPC in an easy to use API that any business or developer can integrate as easy as existing email or SMS solutions.

Does Urkel offer API support for non-public blockchains?

If you are an enterprise customer looking for support for a permissioned/ private blockchain, please contact us at

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a decentralized naming protocol that provides an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities. The protocol maintains the root zone file in a decentralized manner, making the root zone uncensorable, permissionless and free of gatekeepers.

What are the benefits of Handshake?

Users have the ability to outright own their TLD and most importantly their name! This decentralized approach eliminates the need for third party licensing, maintenance or server fees, for a domain you technically do not own and can theoretically be taken down at any time.

What can I do with a Handshake domain?

What makes Handshake domains so special is, not only do you own your very own TLD, your name can also be used for email addresses, crypto addresses and even gives you the opportunity to sell subdomains.

Handshake recommend reading

There are a lot of amazing community posts discussing the benefits of Handshake. We compiled this list for those who want to learn and explore Handshake even further.

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What is the Handshake Alliance?

The Handshake Alliance is a coalition of companies and developers building open source tools and infrastructure for the Handshake network.

How can I get involved?

The Handshake Alliance is always looking for more developers to contribute and would like to hear from you. Contribute on Github